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Nuncrackers, the Nunsense Christmas Musical

November 14-17, 2019

Crazy Christmas fun with the Mount Saint Helen's nuns!

The Nunsense Christmas Musical, NUNCRACKERS, takes place in real time in the basement of Mount Saint Helen’s Convent. It is the first TV Special being taped in the Cable Access TV Studio built by Reverend Mother with part of the prize money won earlier by Sister Mary Paul (aka Amnesia).

The show includes some traditional carols in the overture and as underscoring, plus some Christmas Carol spoofs including Here We Come-a-Waffle-ing and The Holly and the Ivory. Of course, the show is filled with the traditional “Nunsense-sense of humor” and one-liners that have made the three previous NUNSENSE shows so popular.

Cast & production team

Pamela Klifar – Director

Kathy Murphy – Sister Mary Regina (Reverend Mother)
She tries to be strict but things often get out of her control. Her circus family background and sense of humor shine through her attempt to create a tough exterior.

Sharon Johnson – Sister Mary Hubert
Second in command. Wanted to be a nun all of her life.

Alecia Stultz – Sister Robert Anne
A streetwise nun from Brooklyn. Tuff girl with a heart of gold. Constantly frustrated when Reverend Mother refuses to let her star in the show.

Tracy Pratt – Sister Mary Paul (aka Amnesia)
Was hit on the head by a crucifix and didn’t remember who is was. A country singer who was the first nun to appear at the Grand Ole Opry. A “little vacant” but endearing.

Kate Wiese – Sister Mary Leo
A former novice now has her black veil. She has dedicated her life to being the first famous nun ballerina.

Bill Bergman – Father Virgil Manly Trott
Sister Mary Leo’s brother. A Franciscan Father. Grew up as part of the Trott Family Singers.

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