Leawood Stage Company is a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation dedicated to providing a unique theatrical vehicle which unites the community through experience, education and enrichment, engaging all in the performing arts.  We are an all-volunteer organization from the board to the members of the cast, musicians, and staff who work vigorously behind the scenes.  We welcome your participation.

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Leawood Stage Company

                           Eric Van Horn                 Director

                        Ray Ettinge                     Music Director

                        Kristin Seefeldt               Choreographer

                        David Powell                   Stage Manager


Mike Saxton as Albert Peterson

Ashley Wheat as Rose Alvarez

Brian Shortess as Conrad Birdie

Kristin Seefeldt as Kim Macafee

Tracy Fox as Doris Macafee

Michael Nemeth as Harry Macaffee

Ethan Ellis as Randolph Macaffee

Irene Blend as Mae Peterson

Brian Huther as Hugo Peabody

Jamie Lin as Ursula Merkle

Guy Gardner as Harvey Johnson

Charlotte Gilman as Nancy

Rachael Phillips as Alice

Debbie Huffman as Mrs. Merkle

James Azeltine as Mr. Johnson

Bill Bergman as the Mayor

Kathleen Marx as the Mayor’s Wife

Courtney Koval as Gloria Rasputin

Tim Curran as Ed Sullivan

Ray Zarr as Maude

Conrad Girls

Haley Knudsen, Kelsey Knecht, Hannan Eldred, Edanne Summer

The Quartet

James Azeltine, Rob Halifax, Timothy Marmon Ray Zarr


Chris Abbick, Grace Abbick, Andrea Azeltine, Corrine Bakker,

JoAnna Bledsoe, Kylie Brown, Mike Brown, Connor Clary, Sam DeVeney,

Sophie Fields, Aaron Fink, Annette Fiorini, Katy Hagen, Rob Hallifax,

John Hanson, Bella Kuehl, Timothy Marmon, Jeanne Marx, Steve Parker,

Marshall Rimann, Kelsey Rodriguez, Maia Schoenberg,

Kale Simmons, Andy Sprehe, Rachel Stang, John Van de Voort,

John Weatherly, and Debbie Winstone


in the Summer of 2011

Bye Bye Birdie - Summer 2011